Welcome Joint Venture Partner!

Here I will share training, and links to products I offer. I use the Zaxxa platform to make sure you get paid! Many of my products offer life-time commissions. Here is how that works:

“Zaxaa’s mechanism to perform the Lifetime Affiliate Commissions tracking is via cookies and customer purchase history in the database.

When customer purchases, Zaxaa first checks the browser cookie. If it can’t find the affiliate cookie, Zaxaa will search customer purchase history. The last affiliate that refers this customer will get credited in this transaction. Hence it is not possible to by pass this affiliate mechanism, EVEN if the customer clears his cache or cookies.”

Here is a video showing you how to get resources for each of the products I have in Zaxaa. You need to request to be an affiliate for each product if you want to promote it.

Here are some quick links to request affiliate promotions.

30 Days to Your Client Attracting Book

This is a class for business owners who want to write a book that attracts new clients.

Marketing Momentum Challenge

This is a daily email that teaches lots of how-tos to help business owners and authors market their books in less than 10 minutes a day.

6 Sneaky Ways to Market Your Book (All in Under 5 minutes)

This program is designed to help authors market their book with strategies never talked about elsewhere. They can market themselves, or easily pass the simple tasks on to an outsourcer.

Back of the room hero

This training shows you how to make CD’s for speakers. The speakers can then sell these CD’s for profit.

Local Facebook Hero

This shows how I made money teaching Facebook Marketing to local businesses.